What We Do

Helping students develop 21st Century learning skills that are required to succeed in the classroom today and workplace tomorrow.

Our goal is to provide effective, affordable, easy-to-use tools educators require to meet the needs of today’s diverse student population. Work on new ways to get students plugged into learning. We see the passion teachers bring to the classroom, and we try to exemplify that passion our though resources.

Project English

India's Biggest Burning Problem is Employability V/S Graduation

Students Graduate in large numbers, especially from rural India but only a few are fit to be hired.

Sources say that 96% of Engineering Graduates are not fit to be hired because of Poor English Language Skills.

To overcome this Lit Skills Learning has started a very unique straight approach First of its kind in India - "PROJECT ENGLISH"

After all, end of the day English is just a Language and "Language has to be taught as a Language and not as a subject".  We bridge the gap by Empowering Teachers and Enriching Students in a Very Unique Way of Learning - EDU-TAINMENT (Education Thru Entertainment) and Gamification.

The Process is a very simple and has achieved tremendous results at the grass-root level in the classrooms, where language is been taught and primarily we emphasis on the methodology of Teaching and train the teachers to adapt to the next generation of teaching in the classroom by covering all the Core skills of LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)

When this method is followed and practiced effectively at School level by the time the Child Completes Primary & Secondary Schooling. The English Language skills that are imparted, makes the child comfortable to take competitive tests and exams effectively without any phobia. This result is proven, result oriented and easy to implement as well.

Strategy and Planning

Creating a community of educated people who will be positive role models in their respective Villages/Districts.

Creating Job Opportunities for Teachers in Rural schools by enrolling them in a Teachers Training Program and conducting a Master Training which will be a certified course from LIT SKILLS LEARNING.

Employing Certified Teachers under the Payroll of LIT SKILLS LEARNING in their own hometown.

Bringing 21st Century Learning Skills to every child in Rural Schools to ensure their secure futures by making them globally competitive.


Global Teaching Methodology Implementation

Started to implement global teaching methodology and learning methods in various schools, aligned to the CBSE, ICSE, IB and various State Boards.

2012 - Present

First Pilot

Taught English at ₹1 a day to all Rural Govt. Schools across Tamil Nadu and Karnataka


Partnered with Learning AZ

For Implementing Project English to Indian Schools


Milestones Achieved Under Project English

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In Association With

Introduce “Edutainment” (Education through Entertainment) model to help perfect education In-class and after class hours. 

Help students to listen to the book read aloud, read at their own pace using annotation and vocabulary-building tools and features to promote critical thinking and close reading, and record themselves reading the book to demonstrate fluency.

Introduce an online environment that makes it easy for students to access texts available at their reading level, and provides digital reports and insights that help teachers drive future instruction.