Digital Learning (TAB BASED)


Award Winning Raz – Plus Student Access @ INR 1000 Per Child Per Year.

Digital Language Lab – One Stop Shop for Learning English as a Language

Futuristic Learning !!! Easy to Operate, Self Learning & Self Assessment with running records.

Covering all Core Skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing


Learning a new language is never easy, but We believe that if the right methods are employed, then it can be child’s play. And it is to the child’s language learning process that Lit Skills Learning, sought inspiration from when it structured its course to teach English. Rather than the usual text book lessons, Lit Skills Learning relies on Entertainment & Technology to make non-native English speakers pick up the language that is often the key to a better life, by Introducing TAB BASED DIGITAL ENGLISH LAB’s Partnering with Learning AZ – A Cambium Learning Company – USA by Integrating its Award-Winning Resource

Raz Plus for Students and Teachers.

Schools today need state of the art labs for learning language especially when it comes to learning English. Children get de motivated and bored when Language is been taught in classrooms (Rote Learning method) Instead when a child is given a 10” TAB and when English Language is taught thru cutting-edge technologies and with Fun and Entertainment method the understanding and overall classroom participation will be more engaging than the traditional method of teaching.

We at Lit Skills Learning have Developed a very Unique & Innovative method of teaching English Language, with proven results and success, and Proof of Concept.

Delivered entirely online, our resources can be printed, projected, and used online by teachers and students in the classroom, at home, or on the go — saving teachers valuable preparation time.

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