Apple is the fruit with the most popularity, the first fruit that comes to our mind when we think about fruits.  It has proved its worth by doing wonders; it never did something on its own but helped many philosophers, scientists and businessmen.

We all have heard how an apple gave the world a theory, The Theory of Gravity. The way an apple played the role of a cupid between Snowwhite and her Prince. How apple was the part of the independence of Switzerland. It also symbolizes knowledge, perishability, temptation, and the fall of mankind, from the story of ‘The Apple and The Garden of Eden.’

Apple can mean love, knowledge, wisdom, joy, death, or luxury. It symbolizes different things and philosophies in independent stories. Let me tell you another story where an apple plays an influential but undemanding part. It is not a philosophical or an admired tale. It is a simple story of a simple little boy who loves apples.

Seth was lying on his back on the couch in the living room. He was deeply engrossed in his thoughts when his mom called him but, he was occupied by his thoughts that he didn’t listen.

After calling his name for some time, she went into the living room and saw her nine-year-old boy lying on the sofa. His brown eyes were rooted on the ceiling with a frown on his face. She sat near him and patted him, making him jerk out of his thoughts.

“I have been calling your name but, it seems that you are lost somewhere.” Mom said. Seth saw his mom with confusing eyes, then sat beside her.

“What are you thinking, my little boy?” Mon asked. “I am thinking about the homework the teacher gave us,” said Seth.

“And what is it?” Asked mom. “Teacher told us to bring something whose spelling starts with ‘A’ tomorrow that we use daily and is beneficial for us and others if they use it,” replied Seth.

“So what will you take to school tomorrow, Seth?”

“I am thinking of taking an apple to school,” replied Seth.

“And why is that?” Asked mom with confusion.

“Because apple is my favorite fruit, and I eat an apple daily, and there are other reasons.”

“Okay, what are the other reasons?” Mom asked with curiosity.

” Apple will help everyone to stay away from the doctor because an apple a day keeps the doctor away. I can plant many trees with its seeds. My favorite place is the treehouse built on the apple tree, so the apple tree provides me a place to play. It is also home to many birds and squirrels, and it gives everyone amazing apples. And mom, sharing our apples with our neighbors makes us and them happy.” Seth replied with sincerity.

” It looks like you have figured out and completed your homework but, you are still not satisfied,” said mom.

“Yes, because I have to still think of a nice title for the apple and, I don’t know what can be a perfect title for an apple.”

“Okay, Seth, do you remember when you were learning alphabets, you used to say ‘A for?’ Mom asked.

“Yes, I used to say ‘A for apple.’ Replied Seth.

“Yes, and you told me that you think that the apple is amazing,” said mom.

“Yes, it is amazing.”

“So can we say, A for an amazing apple?”

“Yes, we can,” said Seth.

After a few minutes, Seth exclaimed as if he won some prize, “mom, I will give the title, ‘a for an amazing apple’ to my apple.”
“Very good, Seth, you figured out your homework.” Mom praised.

This short and simple story narrates to us how an apple can be beneficial. It has its health benefits, becomes the favorite fruit of many, gives us wonderful recipes, and when its seeds are planted a tree grows which becomes a home to many species.

Hence, from now on, we can use ‘A for an amazing apple’ when teaching a child the alphabet.

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